Amtrak Train Vacations

If you are in quest for the perfect, worry free vacation from start to finish, go no further! We offer luxury train travel with Amtrak Vacation Trips. Traveling by rail is the perfect answer to your traveling solutions. For a memorable look into America’s heritage, through us you can book a private rail car with our Amtrak transport services, and experience the country like never before. Meant only for the most elite of travelers, you can now journey in the most awe-inspiring of styles, whether you are making your way to a business party or are in need of some quiet family time.

Trains and luxury have not always gone hand in hand. However, gone are the days where train travel was rough, noisy and uncomfortable. In this day and age, our luxury train cars are here to change your perspective of train travel. Mostly added to Amtrak trains, our private cars are of five kinds:

amtrack train vacations

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The exquisite Dome Car, which includes a lounge, dining area, staffed kitchen and bedrooms. The Lounge, with seating arrangement around tables and some easy chairs; the Sleeper car with bedrooms, private rest rooms and table seating. An observation dome and an open platform at the back have been included in our rail cars. All being fitted with the best furnishing, bedding and accessories, you can choose from any of these cars, solely depending on the kind of accommodation you require for your journey.

Our services are not just limited to providing luxury rail cars- we can be with you from your very doorstep to the entrance of your next destination, by booking you private cars to take you to the station several destinations thru out the USA. This way, the hassle of arranging different modes of transportation is taken care of.

Amtrak private car

We will make sure that you experience America in all its glory while feeling pampered and secure in our lavishly designed cars. Plan your trip with our Travel experts. The most common trip is from Chicago thru to the West Coast. If the East Coast is your location of choice see our Destination Map to plan your route. With the average ride lasting for about a weeks, many major tourist destinations are part of the travel package, such as Chicago, Kansas City, Sante Fe Los Angleles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City and Denver and traveling thru many popular national parks. In the west of US, our trains can help you enjoy the Pacific coast and some significant destinations surrounding it. In fall season, some vacation services offer explorations of attractions in the Northeast of America as well.

Travel with us on the Iconic Puget Sound Rail Car for Amtrak Train Vacation. Be sure to contact our tour manager to get all your details of your trip.