Puget Sound Cross Country train trips

Take a cross country train trip with Puget Sound Rail Car. Our luxury train travel in the USA is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to plane travel and bus tours. Iconic trains have been transformed to meet and even surpass their historic magnificence and offer an incredible view into when train trips was the epitome of luxurious travel.

The infrastructure that links the major destinations in the United States is a major achievement and the train trips are keen to take advantage of this legacy. Our trains feature lounge chairs conveniently located to offer the best views, all in great comfort. What’s more, our themed train rides, magnificent carriages and friendly staff evoke the elegance of the olden era of train travel.

Cross Country Train Trip

In addition to offering customers a window into the past, our train trips reflect a sense of belonging, following the rail routes of famous Americans, Indian tribes and our ancestors. Luxury train trips across the USA offers a comfortable ride from one state to another and across the country, enabling you to enjoy the view and the experience to the fullest.

The trips are normally centered around a specific theme or part of the country. We offer luxurious train travel to various cities in the United States. For example, West route travels through Kansas City, Sante Fe Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago East Route Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Washington, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and more.

East Vs West Coast Train Trip

A huge number of the best train trips in the country allow you to discover the Pacific Coast and its leading tourist destinations, national parks and the major cities. These train trips comprise stops in the leading destinations and cities such as New Orleans, Chicago, the Grand Canyon and the various national parks across the country.

Our luxury train rides are as much about the trip as they are the experience with riders served and provided for in all ways possible. Our luxury trains offer private accommodation on board, including traveling hotel rooms with seating area, beds, a picture window and a private bath.

Also included in the cost of your vacation is the interesting program of events listed in the itinerary. Our trips have been thoroughly planned, and carefully tweaked and refined over the years, to strike the perfect balance of historical, cultural and social experiences of the destinations you want to explore.

Cross Country Trains

On the vast majority of our train trips to various US destinations, you will be accompanied by a tour manager and a local guide, allowing you to get the true picture of the region. In certain cases, we also include trips to off-the-beaten-track regions that are rarely experienced by tourists.

Dining cars offer gourmet meals, fine wine and other refreshments that are usually included in the cost of the package. On-board dining is also available in the buffet carriage. A variety of sandwiches and snacks is also provided on our train trips. The American fondness for caffeine implies that riders on our rail vacations can enjoy a cup of the finest coffee on board.

Experienced tour managers hold the fort in all areas, arranging for accommodation, meals and things to do, so you can focus on the most important parts of your train travel, including maximizing your overall experience.
Your trip will include several destinations that you would have otherwise never have imagined. Simply put, luxury train travel in the USA enables you to enjoy the best of what this country has to offer while you sit back and enjoy the memorable experience.
The cabins on our US routes are lavish and realistic with up to two reclining seats or double bunks. By upgrading, you can enjoy an even more spacious rooms and a magnanimous lower bunk

Train Across USA

As part of our luxury train packages, we offer you an excellent opportunity to explore as much or as little of the United States as you would like.

From the start, your tour guide will be there ready to receive and greet you. Thereafter, it’s time to board your train and start enjoying the experience of a lifetime.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy a luxurious train trip steeped in culture, history and natural magnificence. There is truly nothing quite like a train trip to make you savoir the wide range of wonders this great country has to offer. Join us on a Cross Country Train Trips on the Puget Sound Luxury Train Car.

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