Imagine awakening to the peaks of Glacier National Park as your private train car winds along the banks of the Flathead River. Or picture yourself on a relaxing train tour in the dome, enjoying a glass of cabernet as the sun sets over California’s surf. Or see yourself closing a business agreement as your rail car rolls by the skylines of Chicago, Houston or Seattle. Enjoy your best train trips onboard the Puget Sound, your options are only limited by your imagination…

Our routes
The Puget Sound can operate on most* Amtrak routes in the U.S. From extraordinary wilderness to vibrant cities – you can travel the breadth of America onboard the fabulous Puget Sound!

Our scenic train tours with Puget Sound may also be used for day trips or stationary meetings or events.
For example:

The Empire Builder – Chicago to Seattle or Portland (optional onward trip to Vancouver) – train vacations through the open range to towering mountains, glaciers and endless forest, on to the cosmopolitan west coast.

The California Zephyr – Chicago to Emeryville (San Francisco) – Consider vacations by rail cross the fertile heart of America, over the awesome Rocky Mountains via Salt Lake City to arrive at the Pacific.

* Certain parts of Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor are not accessible to dome cars.

Travel in the vast reaches of Canada on the Puget Sound on Via Rail Canada®, or other Canadian operators, may be possible by special arrangement.