Luxury Train Vacations

Train travel offers several advantages over driving an automobile or flying. The beauty of Train travel begins when you just step in the train. Traveling in our luxury train is stress free from the start and it provides you more benefits than traveling in car or on a plane. Our train service is top rated in luxury train travel due to our professionally trained staff and luxurious private rail car. Our service have these advantages over other,described below:

Our Private Rail Car seating and cabins are accommodating and more comfortable than other compact seating offered in other train services. In our train,seats are so comfortable and adjustable providing you complete comfort of your journey.You can reflex in your seat and watch the incredible scenery roll by in full comfort.

Our train sleeper cabins arrangements are so well planned that you will hardly notice other passenger while in your cabin. Train Travel is a a better way to see the states and leave the stress of the cramped flights and busy high ways behind.

You can stretch your legs and walk in our spacious train lounge steps away from your private washroom and sleeping cabin. Our services are good for whole family specially elderly and less mobile folk because comfort is our first priority. Not to mention our wonderful staff that will make you feel at home.

Train Passenger Safety

As normal, Train travel is not been affected by the security issues as in plan and car travelling,but in addition, our train management eliminate all the possible security issues by complete check and balance system.

By traveling in our luxury train you don’t need to be focused on the road or directions as you would do on your journey in a car. You can walk,Read and talk and do anything during journey and can use your time taking in all the beautiful scenery.

Mass transportation by trainĀ  is more environment friendly and has a lower carbon foot-printing compared to the same amount of independent highway drivers.


One of the beauties of our travel system is you can embark at different locations thru the US. Our most common starting point is Chicago IL a Hub of the Amtrak Train System.

Incredible Scenery

Our train route has very beautiful panoramic sceneries. You can observe the beauty of country-side, Mountains,Hills and waterfalls during your journey in our luxury trains.You can feel the real natural beauty which can’t be observe while flying many meters above in the sky.Admire the beauty of reading book in train while drinking tea etc at ease without any worry of safety,traffic and comfort.

Train Travel Durations

Our train punctuality and regularity is also the factor that our luxury train service is top rated in USA. We connect our rail car to several providers that ensure our schedules are met.

Extra luggage

Our Luxury train service also facilitate you in transportation of large and heavy pieces of luggage while travelling to long distance with perfect maintenance of your luggage

As a whole our luxury train service is best the premier private rail car service in the USA. We ensure 100% passenger satisfaction

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