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The Puget Sound is your opportunity to visit the golden age of rail. Experience the magical combination of magnificent scenery, a leisurely travel pace, plus absolute privacy and exceptional service before, during and after your train vacations by rail.

The car you will be traveling in with us is the Puget Sound, a Dome~Lounge~Sleeper.

By day, the Puget Sound can comfortably accommodate up to 16; by night, there is onboard sleeping space for eight adults.
Built in 1955, the Puget Sound was completely refurbished in 2001. The car has two large drawing rooms each with sleeping space for two (or two adults and one child). Two smaller sitting room compartments offer sleeping space for two people each. All rooms feature private enclosed toilet/shower, TV/VCR/CD players, and an electronic porter calling system.

• We offer a selection of fine wines and premium spirits for your enjoyment. There are call buttons located throughout the car if you wish to order a beverage.

• The dome provides a delightful view of the countryside as we train across the USA.
Route guides for your trip are located in the dome.

• A restroom is located downstairs, near the rear of the car.

• Dining on the train is a highlight of any train travel trip, and all meals are offered in the dome. For those who wish to sleep in, breakfast is served at your leisure from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

• A railroad radio is available if you wish to listen to the train crew during your trip. The radio is for listening purposes only.

• The two suited cabins, “A and B”, offer two lower and one upper berth, along with an ample clothes closet. Your bathroom features a large shower, private sink and water closet. Additional blankets can be found in you room. A waste basket is located in your private bath.

• The other two cabins, “C and D”, each offer an upper and lower berth, as well as a private shower, sink and water closet.

All cabins are appointed with a television, a selection of DVD movies and a CD player. If you wish to watch a movie the on board staff will assist you. You are also welcome to bring your own movies along.

• Each room features comfortable daytime couch seating or you may request that your bed stay down during the day.

• A selection of magazines and limited books is available for reading. Simply ask the attendant and they will provide you the selection.

• Coffee and juice is served each morning in the dome beginning at 6:30 a.m. If you wish to have a wake-up call with coffee delivered to your room, please let your steward know before you retire for the evening.
• A hair dryer and iron are available upon request. Soap, shampoo, bottled water and fresh towels will be provided daily

Passenger Safety Rules

• While train is in motion, please always hold on to railings when walking through the cars.

• Alcoholic beverages must be consumed onboard Puget Sound and are prohibited on railroad property

• There is no smoking allowed except on the platform, during station stops.

• Passengers may only board and detrain with the assistance of the staff. Do not open platform or doors without the help of the crew on board.

• Please DO NOT flush anything (diapers, sanitary napkins, etc.) down the toilet except toilet tissue. Foreign objects flushed down the toilet can cause the entire system to fail.

• Please always wear shoes when walking through the cars.

• Please make yourself familiar with emergency windows, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, and exit doors in vestibule.

• When crossing tracks, please look both ways.



Luggage space aboard the car is limited. Towels, soap and hair dryer are provided on-board. With all the bedrooms occupied the car can comfortably accommodate up to 12 pieces of luggage that will fit under an airline seat, four cosmetic cases, and four hang-up bags. In addition one additional bag can be stored in the overhead storage areas of bedrooms No. 2 and No. 3 (for a total of two). Oversized luggage with external zippers and buckles should be checked to avoid their placement in lounge areas of the car. Luggage cannot be stored in the aisles of the car. So that you may fully enjoy the features your train excursion onboard the PUGET SOUND we urge you to pack accordingly. Most long haul Amtrak & regular trains have baggage cars, but we cannot guarantee our ability to check or guarantee the security of your luggage on Amtrak® train rides. Luggage may be stored in lounge areas, but this obviously compromises the ability to fully enjoy the car.


Canadian Travel

Security procedures now require that all passengers have a valid passport or U.S. government issued identification throughout the trip. The names of all passengers must be provided no later than 12 hours before departure. For travel into Canada, all U.S. citizens must provide proof of citizenship or valid passport.