Private Rail Car

If you have your heart set on booking a private rail car in the near future to take a scenic train journey, simply continue reading to discover why you should hire your own luxurious, train car!

Private Passenger Rail Car

The Key benefits of a Private Train Charter

1. You’ll be able to travel from point a to point b in complete privacy.If you don’t want to be distracted from reading a gripping book, napping, enjoying a gourmet lunch or staring outside your rail car’s windows, it’s well worth renting your own exclusive car, in order to enjoy your rail journey without any distractions from fellow passengers. So if the thought of having to share a public rail car with complete strangers is off-putting, you should seriously consider booking our Puget Sound car.

Private Rail Car Rental

2. Booking a private train car will ensure that your train journey will be comfortable. Our rail car boast luxurious pieces of furniture. So if you want to arrive at your final destination feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, you will love the experience travelling with Puget Sound. Most luxury cars even offer a variety of sofas and chaises, which you can lounge in throughout your train journey.

3. The gourmet food which you’ll be served on the our Private Rail Car is far superior will normally vary from the food which other passengers are served. Passengers who pay for a standard rail ticket in a shared rail car, aren’t served the same meals as passengers who opt to book our luxury train tour. So if you’re a bit of a foodie and enjoy sampling fine cuisine, you’re definitely far better off travelling by private coach than by communal service.

4. The Puget Sound offer a superior standard of service than your typical rail car.If you love experiencing phenomenal service, you’ll be wowed by the exceptional service which you’ll receive if you choose to book with us. As an example, when you first step foot into our lounge, you may be offered a glass of champagne, a newspaper, and a hot towel. The latter of which you can use to rejuvenate your face or your hands. It’s the little details of travelling by Puget Sound Rail Car, that are sure to make your upcoming train journey a pleasant, memorable experience to remember.

5. The Puget Sound is are ideal for small groups. If you plan on enjoying a rail journey with a few members of your family or a small group of close friends, it’s well worth hiring a luxury car, to ensure that your entire party will be able to travel together and to enjoy each other’s company.

6. Special occasions are perfect, if you’re looking to celebrate a special milestone occasion such an anniversary or a birthday, there’s no better way to celebrate your special day than by booking your very own train car. In order to feel like the VIP that you are. Furthermore, if you’re looking to surprise someone special with a romantic train journey for two, your loved one will be over the moon if you treat them to a scenic journey by rail.

7. Our car features plush, lie flat beds. If your train journey is an overnight journey, it’s well worth splurging as you’ll enjoy a far better night’s sleep on a comfortable bed, rather than you would on an uncomfortable seat in an ordinary rail car. If you’re tempted, just remember that once you’ve spent a night in the comfort pf the Puget Sound, you’ll never want to go back to travelling in a regular rail car again!

8. You’ll feel as if you stepped back in time, to the glory days of rail travel. In order to experience what it would have been like to travel by train in the glory days of rail travel, it’s well worth booking the Puget Sound.

Private Railroad Car Stations

Los Angeles Union Station

Washington Union Station (DC)

St. Paul Union Depot

St. Louis Union Station

Kansas City Union Station

Denver Union Station

Seattle King St. Station

New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal

Emeryville, CA

Jack London Square, Oakland, CA

Montreal Central Station (Gare Centrale)

San Antonio Station

We are a proud member of AAPRCO , American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners.

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Private Railway Car Charter

So if you’d love to travel in comfort and style on your next rail journey, you won’t regret hiring your very own Luxury Train Car to complete your scenic journey from point a to point b. Contact us today to booking your adventure of a lifetime.

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Private Rail Car