Sierra Hotel.

The Puget Sound’s sister car, the Sierra Hotel, originally Silver Lounge, was built in 1948 as a mid-train lounge and dormitory car for use on the California Zephyr by the CB&Q, and later with BN. It was taken over by Amtrak at its inception and saw service on both the North Coast Hiawatha and Texas Chief. The car began private charter operation in 1980 after being acquired from Amtrak. It then began the transformation into its current configuration as a business car after changing private ownership in 1989. It has been in private and charter use ever since. Owned and operated by Sierra Hotel Railway Inc., and has overlapping ownership with Puget Sound Inc. The Puget Sound was originally designed to run with the Sierra Hotel and the two cars complement each other nicely with the rear platform and copious lounge space in the Sierra Hotel, and the larger bedrooms with their own shower and toilet on the Puget Sound. More about the Sierra Hotel can be found at

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