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Train Travel FAQs

Train Travel FAQs Where can our journey begin? The Puget Sound is stored and maintained in St. Louis, MO and it is possible to begin an itinerary there, however, most trips begin in Chicago. Your itinerary can begin at any Amtrak station that is serviced by the trains that we can access. Where does our train car travel? The Puget Sound can travel to many destinations on the Amtrak System, with the exception of those where height restrictions apply (Boston, New York City, Philadelphia). Some favorite destinations and itineraries are: through the Rocky Mountains via Colorado or Montana, along the [...]

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Luxury Train Vacations Train travel offers several advantages over driving an automobile or flying. The beauty of Train travel begins when you just step in the train. Traveling in our luxury train is stress free from the start and it provides you more benefits than traveling in car or on a plane. Our train service is top rated in luxury train travel due to our professionally trained staff and luxurious private rail car. Our service have these advantages over other,described below: Our Private Rail Car seating and cabins are accommodating and more comfortable than other compact seating offered in other [...]

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How to Reserve a Luxury Train Car Are you bored with the apparent daily routine and want to try out something new? Then luxury train could be what you need. You not only get the classic feeling of relaxation but also experience the incredible thrill of a moving guest house. With everything inclusive. If you aren't convinced, here are more reasons as to why Book a Luxury Train Car Our train offers various mouth-watering meals. And with our well-trained staff, you can be sure to gain access to different cuisines, to please your taste buds.You even get the choice to [...]

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Train Vacations across America Train Vacations across the USA will the most relaxing scenic vacation you will ever have. You see multiple landscapes across several US States. Our Scenic Routes allow you to travel from one state to the other effortlessly. You may have studied about the train routes in the history of America; it is time now to explore it for your self among st friends and family.  Get away and unwind by taking our Private Dome Car across the USA.  You may be thinking about the normal train trips where you board with several other people, this is [...]

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Luxury Train Travel in the USA Looking to book your next Luxury Train Travel Vacation?  A private rail car can be compared to having your holiday on a cruise. Puget Sound will offer you a relaxing experience that comes to you as you watch the fantastic scenery of the countryside rolling in front of your eyes. Our Dome Car is defining a new era of luxury forms of travel, by combining incredible scenery, relaxed atmosphere at a leisurely pace. Our trips offers an exemplary way of getting to know the rich culture and cinematic landscape of different countries. Our trains [...]

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