Train Travel FAQs

Where can our journey begin?

The Puget Sound is stored and maintained in St. Louis, MO and it is possible to begin an itinerary there, however, most trips begin in Chicago. Your itinerary can begin at any Amtrak station that is serviced by the trains that we can access.

Where does our train car travel?

The Puget Sound can travel to many destinations on the Amtrak System, with the exception of those where height restrictions apply (Boston, New York City, Philadelphia). Some favorite destinations and itineraries are: through the Rocky Mountains via Colorado or Montana, along the West Coast from Los Angeles to Seattle, along Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks to Montreal, or traversing the Appalachians from Chicago to Washington, DC. With current changes recently implemented by Amtrak, access by private rail cars to intermediate stops on most long distance trains has been extremely limited.

What is the price of a train journey?

Pricing will vary with the length and timing of the trip, along with the number of passengers, service required, and other variable factors. An average estimate of $7-8000/ running day for 8 passengers would include everything except very expensive items and gratuities. Stationary days at any location cost less but prices vary with the length of stay and services required. If positioning of the car is required to move it to the itinerary point of origin (for example, to Chicago from St. Louis), then positioning charges would apply as well.

Are the train trips one way or return?

One way trips are certainly possible, but the car would still usually need to return to the point of origin and thus the charterer would be responsible for the cost of doing so. However, we will try to sell the positioning move to a second party, resulting in a partial refund to you. This cannot be guaranteed, and it varies with the route and the timing, but we generally are successful at selling these trips at discounted rates.

Do we book rooms or the entire Train Car?

Puget Sound Inc. does not normally offer rooms or individual tickets for sale. We prefer to charter the entire car to one party, though some clients will pull together friends or family to help with the expense. We are occasionally able to offer individual rooms for sale on certain positioning itineraries. These trips are discounted, but the timing is not negotiable, and they are often available on short notice.

Are there train trip destinations in Canada?

VIA Rail Canada will no longer put private cars on any of their trains. Montreal is currently the only location in Canada that is reasonably accessible as a destination since this is on an Amtrak train. Special rules and prices apply when staying aboard in Montreal. Toronto is likewise accessible on Amtrak but neither passengers nor crew are allowed to stay aboard there.

How many quests are allowed per rail car?

Eight passengers is the ideal number for on board accommodations. We can seat up to 16 guests with full meal service during the day. If you have a larger party you can reserve a second car to join us along our trip. The estimated pricing is around 75% additional cost to accommodate the second car with 8 guests.

Are meals included?

Yes, we have an onboard gourmet chef that will prepare meals according to your request. There is also a Service attendant/Safety manager onboard at all times.

How much Luggage can we bring?

We can accommodation 12 piece of small luggage that would normally fit under an airline seat. Avoid brining large. If large luggage cannot be avoided you can check your bags on the Amtrak luggage cars. They will not be accessible on route

What are the safety issues with traveling by train?

Your safety is our primary concern. We enforce the Amtrak regulations. Passengers will be given a list of rules while onboard. The majority of them are common sense to insure a safe and enjoyable trip

Can you smoke on a Train?

Passengers can smoke outdoors on the vestibule of the train car, or at designated Amtrak smoke stops.

Are pets allowed on a train?

Pets are not allowed aboard the Puget Sound although special permission may be given on a case by case basis for service animals.

How do we book a journey with Puget Sound?

Please click our Reservations page and fill out the form. A booking agent will then contact you. To get travel plans or information use the short form on the contact page.